TFI Local Link provides nationwide local public transport in rural areas were other services are limited. These bus services are flexible, low cost, accessible local public transport services for anyone wishing to travel.

The bus services are managed by 15 transport coordination units, or TCUs, throughout the country operating as TFI Local Link, on behalf of the National Transport Authority. Each office manages the day to day requests and delivery of bus services in their area. These offices open from 9am – 5pm, Monday to Friday and operate all year round except for Public Holidays.

The two types of local bus services that TFI Local Link delivers are Door-to-Door and Regular Rural Services. Door to Door operate a pick up and drop off at your door bus service and Regular Rural Services operate a daily bus service on a fixed route and timetable.

To find more detailed information on the range of services near you please visit Your TFI Local Link

Regular Rural Services

Regular Rural Services operate a daily bus service on a fixed route and timetable with reduced timetables on weekends. These local bus services connect towns, villages and parishes and are deigned to connect with Bus Éireann and Iarnród Éireann networks to facilitate passengers to make onward journeys. 

Door to Door Services

Door to Door Routes are bus services that operate a pick up and drop off at the door services for people living in rural areas. These services are demand responsive, that is they require pre booking with your TFI Local Link office at least one hour before travelling to be collected at the door. Timetables are subject to change and may run daily, weekly or biweekly. 

HSE Services

Some TFI Local Link offices non-emergency transport services like outpatient clinics, hospital appointments and for renal dialysis. These services are ran in conjunction with their local HSE office. 

The Free Travel Pass is accepted on all services. Cash fares are accepted on all services. More details can be found in the Fares page.